The Question Without Notice below was asked by the Hon Colin de Grussa MLC and answered today in Parliament by the Hon Stephen Dawson MLC as Minister representing the Minister for Emergency Services, Hon Fran Logan MLA.

For the record, the association is pleased with the changes to the vehicle design process that have been introduced by AC Brad Delavale with the support of Commissioner Darren Klemm and Emergency Services Minister Fran Logan. While it will take time to go through the procurement process and have vehicles that are fit-for-purpose “on the ground”, the PAT process appears to be working well at the moment.

We thank the Hon Colin de Grussa for showing interest in the progress of Emergency Services reform and the Hon Fran Logan for his support of the good work Commissioner Klemm and others like AC Delavale are doing to change the internal culture of the Department.

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It is important to also acknowledge the incredible work of the many volunteers who take time away from their work and families to attend PAT meetings and donate their knowledge and expertise in pursuit of making things better for everyone.


Hon COLIN de GRUSSA to the minister representing the Minister for Emergency Services:

I refer to question on notice 1797 asked on 19 February 2019 regarding the Department of Fire and Emergency Services operational fleet project.

(1) Has this program replaced the future fleet program?

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(2) What consultation has been undertaken with emergency service groups to ascertain the most appropriate replacement vehicles for each brigade, group or unit?

(3) What opportunity is there for individual Volunteer Emergency Service groups to provide feedback or recommendations into the most appropriate replacement vehicles for their circumstances?

(4) What is the implementation time frame for the operational fleet project?


I thank the honourable member for some notice of the question.

(1) Yes.

(2) Consultation has been extensive and involved the formation of project advisory teams whose members work collaboratively to ensure operating requirements of the relevant services are incorporated into conceptual design, detailed design and first-of-type evaluation and trials. The project governance structure includes a project board with membership from all emergency service groups.

(3) The operational fleet project is using the design and delivery model that enhances stakeholder engagement and provides a mechanism for volunteers to offer feedback. It also streamlines the process to deliver the design, specifications, first-of-type and build contracts for the DFES operational fleet. In-service vehicles are also being evaluated by volunteer brigades, groups and units through this project.

(4) The operational fleet project will close on 20 December 2019.

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