We all understand them importance of succession planning. And there’s no doubt cadets bring renewed energy, ideas and invaluable tech savvy people to our service.

This week, the Quinns Rocks VBFB Cadet Unit got in touch with the Association and asked us to help them promote their new Facebook page. As our members will already know, the AVBFB has been working its butt off trying to increase our direct communication with volunteers and better explain the incredible work our 26,000 or so BFS volunteers do for them without receiving a single cent of tax-payer money. In the last year we have massively increased our online reach – completely redesigning our web portal and front-end website, literally had millions of engagements via our social media (Twitter, Instgram and Facebook) services and most importantly to us, encouraged many Brigades and supporters to do the same.

We’re therefore super proud to highlight the great work of the Quinns Rocks VBFB Cadet Unit and encourage everyone to like, share and urge their brigades and units to jump on board and help us spread the word about what a great big family we are.

Sponsor's message

Check out the Quinns Rcks VBFB Cadet Unit’s Facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/quinnscadets

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