We launched our first “Quick Quiz” last week and so far have received hundreds of unique responses.

The first topic was the use of the word “professional” when talking about emergency service workers – both volunteers and other.

Some of the answers were interesting but from the feedback we have been receiving, not all that surprising.

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For example, in response to the main question, “What is the best word to describe people who are paid to do what emergency service volunteers do?” more than 90% of respondents thought a word other than “professional” was the best fit (“Paid” = 21.75%, “Career” = 57.91%, “Employees” = 8.19% and “Other” = 3.11%).

When asked if respondents believed they were “Professional” as emergency service volunteers, almost 80% of respondents who are also emergency service volunteers said yes compared to just over 20% believing not.

Interesting stuff! And it confirms that the AVBFB’s care in not misusing the word “professional” is a good reflection of the views of our members and other ES volunteers.

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This week’s Quick Quiz is about the Emergency Services Levy and whether it should be changed to fund mitigation activities, so why not head over there now and share your thoughts and experiences?

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