For members who went to Queensland to assist with the major incident in November/December, our friends at the Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland (RFBAQ) just sent us the important news that the deadline for submissions to the Review has been extended to 28 February.

The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) is very supportive of the fact that the review is seeking submissions from volunteers and extremely impressed that consideration has been given to invite feedback from those who attended from other States.

We believe that there is very little point in doing a review of anything unless it is done so with the pure intent of gathering as much information as possible to evaluate the situation and consider how things might be improved for the future, without politics.

Sponsor's message

It is extremely refreshing to see the Queensland Government not only inviting input from local bushfire volunteers, but also from those who came from other States to help out – who may very well have important insights to share.

We therefore strongly encourage all members who did attend these fires to consider making a submission which could simply be a short letter of support or a longer document sharing your insights. Details for making submissions are below.

Lastly, thank you to our colleagues at the RFBAQ for sharing this news and congratulations to the Queensland Government for what appears to be a genuinely open and thorough review.

Following the RFBAQ request for brigades and communities to have more time to be heard, Bushfire Review submissions now close Thursday 28th February.

Information on how to lodge a public submission is available online here.

Sponsor's message

Whilst the Government focus is on fires in the November / December period, the RFBAQ encourages all brigades and land management organisations to write in regarding all fires including other fires outside of this period.

The review focus is on preparedness (preparedness includes land management and hazard reduction burning) and response.

These submissions will then be assessed by IGEM as to whether they will add to the information gathered by the review.

If you are a Rural Fire Brigade that fights the fire or a landholder who owns the fire or a community affected by fire, please participate in this review.

Submissions can also be posted to this address:

Office of the Inspector-General Emergency Management
GPO Box 1425, Mail Cluster 15.7

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