We know a few things about the wonderful women and men of WA’s diverse Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

One is they are helpful. They do what they do because they believe in the old-fashioned concept of rolling up your sleeves and helping out when things turn bad for others. They don’t just look away or walk past, they get involved.

Another is they are volunteers. And proud of it. While most will reluctantly accept a “free” meal or a bit of fuel money every now and then, they simply don’t want to be paid for their invaluable service to our community.

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And above all, they are humble. They don’t like being called “hero’s” even if that’s how they are viewed by so many others.

So with that in mind, we’re a bit nervous about asking our members to nominate someone for the Sunday Times / PerthNow Pride of Australia Medal – but irrespective of the use of the word “hero” in their material, we think it would be great to see a few of our incredible Bushies publicly recognised for the work they do to serve and protect the community at no cost to government.

If you know someone who deserves a bit of a pat on the back, why not nominate them for the Pride of Australia Medial by filling in the quick form via the link below:


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