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AIIMS 2017 – Call for Additional Nominations

Good Afternoon All,

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As you’re all aware AIIMS 2017 has recently been released and we have a course on 30th June and 1st July. Currently we have less than enough nominations to run this course.

Could you please advertise and canvas this course with your Brigades, Groups and Units and ask them to register on eAcademy, if interested? Nominations will be open until 16th June 2018 and the course is open to anyone who has on SES Team Leader and VFF5 – Volunteer Crew Leader, Lieutenant, Apparatus Officer.


Kate Parkey

A/Training Support Officer | North and South Coastal Metropolitan Regions

Sponsor's message

P. 08 9395 9772 (M, T & Th); 9301 3921 (W); 6595 2120 (F) | M. 0439 496 450 | E. kate.parkey@dfes.wa.gov.au | E. tso.metroops@dfes.wa.gov.au

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