They say there’s no rest for the wicked, but doing our job of proudly representing the incredible 26,000+ women and men of the State’s largest Emergency Service has taught us something else – the good don’t get much chance to relax either!

Footballers and Cricketers might think it’s the “off season” for members of the Volunteer Bush Fire Service in the southern part of WA, but this Facebook post from the amazing team at the Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade highlights that for many of our unpaid heros, there’s no such thing as off season.

What many members of the public (and politicians) simply don’t know is that even when it’s cold and wet outside, many of highly dedicated, professional volunteers who staff WA’s 580+ Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades are cleaning, training, building, learning, preparing and as you can see below, teaching in their communities so we are all safer all year round.

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Thank you to the tens of thousands of volunteers who do what they do for us 24/7 and especially to the wonderful folks at Darlington VBFB for sharing these awesome posts and photos (with faces of children intentionally and thoughtfully blurred) of your community work this week.


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