As we have mentioned over the past few weeks, the propeller heads in the dark room out the back have been working hard to upgrade the engine driving the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) online systems and having more grunt under the hood would allow us to offer some new and improved features.

Today we are pleased to launch the first significant user-side improvement – our public Events and Meetings calendar!

Not only will the calendar keep you informed of some of the meetings and events the hard-working AVBFB team are attending, but more importantly, allow Brigades and other stakeholders list and promote theirs to a VERY wide audience.

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Brigades, Local Governments and others can now send us details of upcoming events and meetings that our very wide audience might be interested in knowing about and we will do our best to publish and promote what we can via this new service.

And as well as our huge monthly visitor count to the website, members and others who are interested can subscribe to our online meetings and events calendar so they get updates as they are published.

So, take a quick look now on the right hand-side of this page (see the screenshot below) or go to then subscribe and send your meeting/event details to


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