We know it. Everyone who has had their home, pets and family saved from raging flames knows it. And the wonderful families who love and support our incredible volunteers know it too.

But sadly, not everyone has had the opportunity or made the time to consider just how special the 26,000 women and men of WA’s largest emergency service really are.

The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) has been punching well above its weight for years trying to get our State’s leaders to recognise the specialist skills and incredible contribution of WA’s bush fire volunteers in the hope that doing so would filter down through the media and give them the only things they ever ask for: respect and appreciation.

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While we still have a way to go on achieving that, we are having some success in highlighting the incredible efforts of our amazing “Bushies” and raising awareness of the need for support and respect within in the broader community …

Take the yummy Burger Baby (https://www.burgerbabymargs.com) in Margaret River for example. The good folks behind this awesome venue serving locally sourced, lovingly crafted burgers, beers and wine have teamed up with Rocky Ridge Brewery and Cape Cellars and kick off a raffle to help the heros at the Kudardup Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade buy some much needed “bits and pieces”.

While the promise of cash to help the Brigade is of course just awesome, the AVBFB is probably more stoked about the words the Burger Baby team used to explain their idea on Facebook showing a wonderful awareness of some of the sacrifices our invaluable volunteers make 24/7:

As you know the fires on Monday were pretty intense.

What you might not know is that now the hard work for the folks at Kudardup Volly Bush Fire Brigade begins.

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They will be patrolling that fire night and day for the next week or so to make sure it does not kick off again, sacrificing time out of their jobs and families to keep our wonderful community safe.

The folks at Rocky Ridge Brewery and Cape Cellars have kindly teamed up with us at Burger Baby to raise Kudardup some dollars for bits and pieces they need.

So if you have some spare cash bring it down and buy a raffle ticket or two so we can pay it forward to some ordinary folks that did some extraordinary things.

So we say Yay!

  • Yay! for these and other wonderful small businesses that come together to help our invaluable community service
  • Yay! for the fact that slowly but surely, we are raising awareness of the incredible work our amazing volunteers do for WA, and
  • Yay! for the awesome women and men who leave their families to protect the lives and property of others at no cost to the taxpayer.

Thanks to Burger Baby, Rocky Ridge Brewery and Cape Cellars for having the backs of the people who have yours!

We hope this post improves your sales and gets a few extra raffle tickets sold!

PS. If there are any other brigades out there getting this kind of support from a local business and would like us to help pay it forward by letting people know, zip us an email using comms@avbfb.org.au

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