The AVBFB is absolutely committed to recognising the invaluable work that our 26,000 amazing volunteers donate to keeping our community safe.

And we know that for many of them, the work they do is only possible because of the support they get from their families who sometimes don’t like, but understand just how important it is for our members to jump out of bed at 3am and not return for a couple of days or leave a birthday party or school assembly without notice.

We also do our best to promote and recognise the many hundreds of businesses across WA that support our incredible women and men, mostly as employers that allow members to take time off to attend incidents.

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But there are also other businesses who don’t necessarily employ emergency service volunteers, but support them in other ways.

One such example is the innovative crew at Mopoke Coffee who took donations from grateful residents of the Shire of Mundaring and paid it forward in the form of free coffee for those working on the fireground.

We’ve shared the facebook post that was brought to our attention earlier this week – why not thank them by heading over to their facebook page and giving it a thumbs up!


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