It would be easy for those who live ordinary lives that Western Australia’s 26,000 bush fire volunteers have a lot of time on their hands during the wetter months.

But alas, the incredible women and men who keep the rest of us safe when the risks from natural hazards like fire are at their peak certainly don’t spend winter doing nothing. And since one of our clear roles is to make sure the public knows and understands the immense breadth and value of the work our volunteers donate, we thought we would share a recent Facebook post from our friends in the Roelands/Olive Hill Combined Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade Public Page ( that says more than we could ever explain.

Volunteers in Brigades just like these all around WA are constantly training, maintaining, building and preparing for the high-risk seasons in their areas – which, importantly, isn’t the same for the whole State.

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Take a look at the photos from the 2-day training course held over a recent weekend at the Leschenault VBFB station for new members – Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades, Volunteer Fire and Rescue Service and Junior Cadets all working together to learn about the very specialist area of bushfires.

Thanks for sharing Jeremy and congratulations to all those who give their time, knowledge and skills every week or every year to keep our great State safe and resilient.

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