Below is the core of a letter the AVBFB received from Deputy Commissioner Operations Lloyd Bailey.

As always, the AVBFB is happy help DFES communicate with our members by sharing our resources and technology when relevant.

Dear Mr Gossage,

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The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) has again developed a dedicated webpage to deliver seasonal outlook information to support those involved in emergency management and response across the State.

This dedicated webpage, titled “WA Cyclone and Southern Bushfire Season Synopsis 2017-18”, hosts targeted information that allows for greater sharing of operational arrangements with our emergency management partners. The Season Synopsis is presented in an interactive and navigable pdf publication with topics including Seasonal Bushfire Assessment, Bureau of Meteorology weather outlook, new initiatives for this upcoming season and key safety messages.

The site is intended to complement the pre-season planning, preparedness and training initiatives already completed of currently underway by those involved in emergency and response activities. The webpage will remain available throughout the season and can be accessed as often as required.

Access to the webpage is available through the DFES Volunteer Portal (Extranet) by clicking on the dedicated “Season Synopsis 2017-18” icon button.

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I seek your assistance in promoting its existence and use during the cyclone and southern bushfire season to all your volunteers and other relevant personnel within your Association.


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