The Volunteer Employer Recognition Awards (VERA) aim to acknowledge the important role that employers play in supporting and enabling our incredible emergency services volunteers.

Here’s what the DFES website says in a way that can’t improve:

Employers of emergency services volunteers including self-employed volunteers play a critical role in protecting the community during natural disasters and emergencies.

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At their own cost, businesses release qualified staff to help protect and repair desperate communities impacted by fires, severe storms, cyclones, floods, earthquake, tsunamis and emergencies involving chemical, radiological and biological materials.

And as the peak body for WA’s incredible 26,000 bush fire volunteers, we know that many of our members are supported not only by amazing families but also wonderful employers.

So if you work in a volunteer-supportive workplace or forgo work as a self-employed volunteer, why not spend a few minutes to submit a nomination right now? Doing so will give some well-deserved kudos to your colleagues and perhaps more importantly, help encourage others to do the same.

Get on it, visit the DFES VERA webpage and submit your nomination before 4pm Monday 12 August.

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