The following statement was read into Parliament today by Emergency Services Minister Hon Fran Logan MLA


MR F. LOGAN: On Sunday, 5 May, I attended the International Firefighters’ Day memorial service at the Firefighters’ Memorial Grove in Kings Park. The annual service is coordinated by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services and is a moving tribute to remember fallen firefighters across Western Australia who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

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Past and current firefighters, family members and community came together to commemorate the memory of those who are no longer with us and to reflect on the incredible work our firefighters carry out every day. Representatives from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, the career fire and rescue service, the volunteer fire and rescue service, volunteer fire and emergency services, bush fire brigades and the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions were all in attendance.

The work of a firefighter is often long, dangerous and difficult. Throughout our state there are thousands of dedicated men and women on standby around the clock, ready to answer the call to help at a moment’s notice.

They respond without hesitation, putting themselves in the face of danger to protect our community. Our firefighters are called upon to act in an extraordinary way—to think quickly, clearly and decisively, and to provide help amid scenes of great trauma, tragedy and personal risk. I am sure that all members in this house will join me in acknowledging our highly skilled and capable firefighters who put themselves at risk to assist others.

It was a great honour to recognise our firefighters for their extraordinary commitment, exceptional courage, selfless service and, sometimes, tragically, their sacrifice. The loss of a firefighter in the line of duty is devastating to the lives of all people they have touched—their family, service, brigade and community. On 5 May we stood in unity to share in this sorrow of losing a comrade, colleague, family member, partner or friend. It was touching to see more than 200 people turn out to honour and remember those who have gone before us. The emotional service included the reading of the Fallen Firefighters’ Honour Roll, which includes the names of 68 career and volunteer firefighters dating back to 1904. These 68 men and women have left a legacy of courage and service.

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