We’ve said it before and we will say it again – the incredible 26,000 women and men of WA’s largest emergency service – the Volunteer Bush Fire Service – as as diverse as our big State.

And the Facebook post below from the team at Stoneville Volunteer Bush fire Brigade is no better reminder of the fact that when help is needed, our amazing members are often part of the response, irrespective of the “type” of incident. While some like to suggest that Bush Fire Volunteers are only about trees, the simple fact is when there is an emergency and our members can help, they will always do their very best to help – whether it be bushfire, flood, earthquake or another incident such as house and other structural fires.

We’re very sorry for the loss of the home-owner our Stoneville friends helped out on Friday, but thank the amazing crew for sharing the important message of how much worse it could have been if the owners weren’t prepared.

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Well done ladies and gentlemen, you are truly a deeply appreciated asset to our community!

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