The Department of Fire and Emergency Services have been working on the redevelopment of their Volunteer Portal to make it more user friendly and provide more up to date information. The redeveloped portal will be known as the Volunteer Hub.

DFES are offering volunteers the opportunity to have an input into the design and are calling for volunteers who wish to be involved. Options to be involved include face to face or online using evaluation tools that you can complete from home.  You can choose your level of involvement based on your availability and areas of interest.

Volunteers from all regions and technical backgrounds are encouraged to participate.

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The project has been designed to ensure that volunteers are involved from the early stages of the design and development of the Volunteer Hub through to testing and pilot. The objective is to make sure that the Volunteer Hub meets volunteers’ needs and is easy to use.

The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades encourages volunteers to get involved to make it volunteer friendly and relevant. 

To get involved, send your nominations to Jennifer Pidgeon at or Anna Sobczyk at . You can also nominate through an EOI registration form at this link .


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