Bush Fire Service Volunteers are simply amazing. Yes of course, for the incredible bravery and selfless the 26,000 or so show when they attend emergencies but we reckon something else really sets our extended family aside – the collaborative culture and ethos that brings them together on and off the fire ground.

Take the wonderful crew at the Gosnells Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade. We know being one of the few metropolitan Bush Fire Brigades can feel lonely – especially when there’s no end of chatter about a “Rural” fire division and money for bushfire things being thrown around in regional areas.

But the incredible women and men of the Gosnells VBFB have always reached out and supported their colleagues at major Bush Fires all over WA and importantly, absolutely embody the culture of cooperation and collaboration that makes Western Australia’s system of individual specialist services so valuable and effective.

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And they know that the kind of deep and trusting relationships with all the other services our members need when the poo really hits the fan can be significantly improved with getting to know each other when its only a trophy and not lives at risk.

Check out this awesome Facebook post from the Gosnells crew earlier – they organised an indoor cricket competition that was attended by more than 30 volunteer and career personnel. Evidently, the CFRS team took home the inaugural trophy, but we reckon the community was the biggest winner of the night!

Congratulations Gosnells and thanks for sharing such a wonderful idea to build the bonds between all of our invaluable services.

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