Remember that TV ad in the 1990’s with the little toy bunnies walking around banging their little drums until one stopped and the other kept going and going and going?

Well, it was an ad for the “Energizer” brand of batteries, but you get what we’re saying! The diverse 26,000 women and men of the largest emergency service in WA – the Volunteer Bush Fire Service (VBFS) – are just like that bunny… and as the crew from Stoneville say in this Facebook post below, their constant preparation and training make them ever-ready (sorry “Energizer”) to protect our communities, 24/7, rain, hail and shine.

And while we know some of the humble volunteers who watch our State’s back get a bit embarrassed when the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) does this kind of drum-banging, making sure the whole community knows just how much time and effort our amazing “Bushies” put into the professional service they provide is just one of the ways we show that we have their backs.

Sponsor's message

Thanks Stoneville Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade for posting a reminder of the dedication, time and effort crews at the 580+ VBFS brigades just like yours around WA put into keeping the rest of us safe.

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