About Bushfire Volunteers ConEX 2020

ConEx is a unique event to be held annually in a Western Australian regional town and will bring together Volunteers, Local Government Officers who support them, businesses, suppliers, media and other valued stakeholders to work together for a better tomorrow.

The word “ConEx” is purposefully intended to play on the concept of “connection” but literally include many other ideas including those summarised with words that are critically important to our members including:

Consult, Exhibit, Consider, Exchange, Congratulate, Explore, Contribute, Excite, Contextualise, Experience, Connect, Experiment, Consume and Explain.

While at its core, ConEx will become an important annual Convention and Exhibition for Western Australia’s Volunteer Bush Fire community, a lot of work has been done to make it much more than that

Importantly, ConEx is not a typical “sit down and listen to a lecture” type of conference. We value the vast local knowledge and experience of our diverse Bushfire Volunteers so we have worked hard to create a process that delivers real outcomes through culturally appropriate participation and maximum engagement.

From the requirement that Exhibitors MUST bring at least one device/tool/piece of equipment that delegates can physically touch AND see in action, to the series of themed workshops and activities for all participants, ConEx walks the talk on respect for, and engagement of, the invaluable women and men volunteers who collectively form Western Australia’s largest emergency service.

IMPORTANT message about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)