In the spirit of promoting good causes that might result in better collaboration, friendships and mental health within our extended emergency services family, the Association is happy to relay the information below from Syd Bignell from the Emergency Services Motorcycle Association (ESMA) regarding its next group ride.

For more information, please visit the ESMA website or their Facebook page.

I am planning a post season ride for the 29th March 2015.

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The Phoenix or Ashes Tour ride:

  • starts at Midland
  • Up to Bullsbrook
  • Down Neaves Road
  • Down the freeway through to Kwinana
  • Slip across to Waroona
  • Through Quindaning
  • Over to Boddington
  • Around the back and through to The Lakes
  • Back through to The  Perth Airport (might drop this fire) and a Shandy close by
  • And home in all directions and still riding in groups.

No idea how far as yet but should be a good run

Should be good for all people east, south, north and central.

Starting at either the BP or Caltex ( will need both sites for fuel and parking) at 08:00 for a 08:15 start. Our Directors will brief both sites prior to departure and advise where the coffee and lunch stops are as well as all safety matters.

The ride is open to the hundreds of emergency services responders, support and family members who ride bikes. Contact Syd for more details, we can also meet people at our rest spots as well.

Sponsor's message

Hope to have many of your members interested.

I have contacted to FRS Vols as well and hope we can all stand proud of who we are regardless of agency/paint colour.

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