Bushfire Volunteers is extremely proud to represent the 26,000 wonderful women and men of our Bush Fire Service for all they do every day of the year to keep our communities safe. Like Emergency Services Minister Hon Fran Logan, we are especially proud of those who give up their time and skills to help our Eastern States’ cousins whenever they need a hand. Thanks Minister for recognising their selfless dedication in Parliament earlier today.


Statement by Minister for Emergency Services

Sponsor's message

MR F. LOGAN (Cockburn — Minister for Emergency Services) [9.03 am]: I would like to inform the house of the deployment of 33 Western Australian volunteer and career firefighters to provide much needed assistance to the people of Queensland who have been battling those horrendous bushfires. Last Thursday, I had the honour of farewelling this group at the airport before they once again selflessly sacrificed their own time with family and friends to help others. They flew out from Perth, leaving their jobs and businesses behind, and went virtually straight into action. The next day, they relieved their exhausted Queensland counterparts by stepping up to the front line to face those terrible fires and helping out with behind-the-scenes work in logistics and support. The teams also helped out by patrolling for flare-ups and new ignitions, as well as patrolling and maintaining fire lines. If conditions worsen in Queensland during the week, deployment of additional teams will be considered. We hope conditions do not worsen, but we will be prepared if they do.

It is fantastic to see all the states and territories coming together to help each other out in the spirit of cooperation. If, and when, we need help in Western Australia during our upcoming season, I know our offers of assistance will be swiftly reciprocated. I take this opportunity to encourage all members to promote the messages the Department of Fire and Emergency Services will be sharing soon to ensure that all Western Australians stay safe this coming bushfire season. In closing, I am sure that all members in this house will join me in formally acknowledging and thanking each and every one of our firefighters who helped protect the Queensland community. I wish the crews and firefighters from across the country all the best as they try to bring these Queensland fires under control and urge them to stay safe.

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