UPDATE: Since posting this article, we’ve been informed that before the East Swan VBFB hit 61 seconds, the Kalamunda VBFB put out the challenge to which Gosnells VBFB with a 63 second PB. According to this post, Kalamunda VBFB didn’t want to wear that, so they responded with a 61 second – equal top with East Swan now. We’ve also heard a whisper that Oakford VBFB is spruiking a sub-50 second PB, but until we see the video proof, we won’t consider that anything more than a rumour!

And thanks to the awesome sharers at Kalamunda VBFB, we’ve just been sent the rules for the challenge:

Brigade Hydrant Competition

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A team of two people must set-up and break down a hydrant using correct procedure and in a safe fashion. They will be timed, and the fastest team wins. Time penalties will be applied for incorrect procedure or unsafe practice. Each breach will add a time penalty of 5 seconds to the eventual time of the team

Correct procedure must be followed in the setting up and breakdown of the hydrant.

Time penalties for:

– Incorrect PPE
– Not wearing seat belts
– Running during the test
– Failure to flush hydrant before connecting hose
– Failure to deploy hose properly
– Failure to use correct hand signals
– Throwing or being overly rough with equipment
– Failure to correctly re-stow equipment at end
– Failure to roll hose properly
– Any other breach of safety

We love a bit of good-natured competition – and thanks to the amazing women and men of the East Swan Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade, the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) is happy to collate and publish a leaderboard of Bush Fire Brigades that send us (or share via social media) videos of your crew doing its best.

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Who knows, we might even be able to find a corporate sponsor to help out with a prize for the quickest time??

Share your video via Facebook as the East Swan gang did, or zip us an email at comms@avbfb.org.au

We will share the link to the leaderboard when we receive the second entry!

Thanks East Swan for starting something good and sharing it with us.

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