The following is a circular published by DFES this morning:

I am pleased to provide this update to the DFES Driving Simulator Project.

On Friday 2nd October 2015, DFES awarded a contract to Training Systems Australia (TSA) for the provision of a driving simulator. The negations for this contract, although not meeting our original project timelines, has resulted in the purchase of not only a heavy vehicle simulator but also a light vehicle simulator. This is an excellent result for staff and volunteer emergency drivers as we will now be able to meet the mandatory end user requirements identified at the April workshop.

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Those requirements were that the simulator must:

  • Be realistic. It must provide an experience that replicates conditions experienced by DFES career and volunteer personnel.
  • Must be available to emergency service personnel across the state.
  • Allow an instructor to interact with the user.
  • Be able to provide emergency scenarios and turnouts to an emergency situation.


During November, Paul Barker, DFES Academy Driving Instructor, will be travelling to assist in the building and customisation of the simulators. This is in advance of an expected delivery date late January 2016.

Also during November and December, the Project Team will progress the supply of the Mobile Transport Facility(s) which will house the simulators and provide the platform so that they can be set up in regional locations. It is anticipated that the simulators will be installed into the transport facility during February prior to the development of training material and the endorsement of regional instructors. We are aiming to have the simulators available to selected regional locations as of July 1 2016.

If you have questions following reading this newsletter please email them to Stuart Wade, Superintendent Operational Delivery on 9454 0777 or at

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Stuart Wade
Superintendent Operational Delivery, WA Fire & Emergency Services Academy

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