For the interest and information of Members, an update from DFES regarding the 400MHz radio project:

The 400MHz project has been conducting engagement workshops across country northern regions with the purpose of ensuring a smooth transition of all UHF (Ultra High Frequency) radio channels & systems within our organisation.

Lower South West and Great Southern regional engagement will commence early December 2017.

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When will the transition occur?

The purpose of these engagement workshops is to create an awareness of the 400MHz changes and create a transition plan tailored to suit each regions unique requirements. Anticipated transition dates are:

Midwest/Gascoyne 8th – 15th Nov

Kimberley 21 – 24 November

Goldfields/Midlands (includes Esperance) 1st December

Pilbara 4 – 6th December

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Lower South West TBC mid-late March 2018

Great Southern TBC mid-late March 2018

What does this mean for me?

CFRS stations and VFRS, VFES & SES BGU’s will receive training and for BA capable units, completion of BA assessments is required.

There are minimal impacts to BFB & VMRs BGU’s and information packs will be provided to each unit prior to regional transition. However, each region may choose to include the BFB and/or VMRS BGU unit in their training and impacted BGU’s will be contacted by their respective DFES DO.

Below is further information for each of the regional transitions for the CFRS stations, VFRS, VFES & SES BGU’s:

Midwest Gascoyne

  • Training has commenced and each Station shift and BGU will be contacted and a training date and time confirmed from 24th October – 14th November.
  • Regional support is being provided by Adrian deKleer and Gordon Purvis


  • Training will commence 13th Nov – 24th Nov and each BGU will be contacted to confirm a training date and time.
  • Regional support is being provided by Glenn Hall, Rick Darlow & John Saffrey

Goldfields Midlands and Esperance Office

  • Training will commence 25th October for the Northam RHQ and 26th – 27th for Kalgoorlie office and CFRS personnel
  • The regional support team is currently contacting BGU captains and leaders to assist prepare the training plan. Regional support is being provided by Shane Klunder, Colin Brown, Murray McBride and Stephen Petersen (Esperance)


  • Training planning is underway and details will be confirmed with each BGU shortly

Lower South West & Great Southern Regions

  • Initial engagement workshop with the regional office to occur early-mid December.

Need more information?

The 400MHz Radio Channel Transition Project website is currently being updated to include detailed regional portal pages, transition schedules and regional references. The Project site is available for Volunteers via the Volunteer Portal

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