File: D03836  NOVEMBER 2017

Total Fire Bans (TFB’s) are declared because of extreme weather conditions or when widespread fires are seriously stretching firefighting resources. When members of the public breach a TFB or TFB exemption they put firefighters at risk, put a strain on already scarce resources and threaten lives and homes.

This bush fire season the Regulation and Compliance Branch (R&C Branch) will be establishing a formal process to proactively investigate total fire ban breaches and breaches of TFB exemption conditions.

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The R&C Branch acknowledges the excellent job crews are doing on TFB days by recording relevant information in DFES Incident Reporting System (IRS) and advising members of community about TFB’s. Taking action against those that breach TFB’s will improve community safety and the safety of our firefighters.

The R&C branch will be:

  • identifying breaches through the TFB hotline, DFES Communications Centre (ComCen) and incident reports in IRS
  • recording and analysing breach data and issuing warning notices or prosecuting in consultation with the Operations Command
  • working with the Parks & Wildlife Service, WA Police and Local Governments who can also enforce breaches

What do we need you to do?

  • Complete IRS reports especially on a day when a TFB has been declared
  • Capture as much relevant information to assist the R&C Branch with their investigation including uploading photos to IRS (if you need help please call the R&C Branch)
  • Ensure origin and cause information is included in IRS reports for fires when a TFB has been declared (refer to Operational Circular 83/2017)

If you require further information please contact the Manager Regulation and Compliance, Stephen McClelland on 9395 9509 or regulation.compliance@dfes.wa.gov.au.


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