While the Volunteer Bush Fire Service doesn’t belong to DFES, we reckon many of our amazing volunteers might be able to provide some valuable insight to this market research that the Department is currently undertaking.

Feel free to copy the Association in on any feedback you have to help us better understand the views from “the coal face”.

Below is an unedited statement that DFES has asked us to distribute on its behalf.

Help shape the DFES of tomorrow

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) is kick starting an exciting new research project that will help to shape DFES’ brand and image, and provide it with a clear direction of where it needs to be in the future.

The research involves a confidential survey which explores views about DFES, including its position in the community, the way it communicates and how it can make improvements.

DFES Director of Media and Corporate Communications Hannah Tagore said participating in the survey is an opportunity to help shape the DFES of tomorrow.

“It is a chance for people to have their say about the way DFES connects and communicates with the community, stakeholders and fire and emergency services personnel,” Hannah said.

Sponsor's message

“The survey gives people a chance to provide us with their thoughts on what we say and how we say it, to the imagery we use, how we position ourselves in the community and most importantly, how people feel when they think about us.

“It’s important that DFES has a strong and respected brand that gives people confidence in the services we provide, lends credibility to the public information we deliver, and helps us to build effective partnerships.

“Our brand should be something we are all proud of, that others look up and that helps us to attract and retain valued and capable people.

“The sum of all these parts helps us to keep the community safe.”

DFES personnel, volunteers and community members are encouraged to participate in the survey.

Individual views will remain confidential and only aggregated data will be provided to DFES so individuals cannot be identified. To participate, please email media@dfes.wa.gov.au with the subject header ‘Brand research link’.

Once the survey has closed and after review the research results and recommendations will be made public.

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