Like many of the things that the hard working volunteer Board of the AVBFB do in the background, DFES’s “Future Fleet Project” is one that we have consistently tried to stay engaged with. Unfortunately, after many years of trying to develop empathy and more flexibility in the approach taken by some 9-5 staff, our small band of dedicated volunteers struggle to make it to every city-based, daytime meeting scheduled by the bureaucracy to discuss these kinds of issues.

However, we are pleased to publish this email recently received from the DFES Future Fleet Project team providing an update on the where it is at currently and how they are communicating with our volunteers. We hope it provides some insight that you didn’t already have.


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Re: Future Fleet Project update

This email is to provide you with an update on the Future Fleet Project and let you know how we are communicating with emergency services volunteers.

As you know, the Future Fleet Project has been working to deliver enhanced safety measures for crews through the retrofit of Crew Protection Systems and through the procurement of new vehicles.

We have included a range of information and updates about the Future Fleet Project in the latest edition of our newsletter which is now available on the homepage of the Volunteer Portal.

We will be sending a notification to all emergency services volunteers who have provided an email address about accessing this in the Volunteer Portal. In addition, we will be distributing printed copies to brigade, group and unit locations via the post.

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The newsletter outlines how the Future Fleet Project will deliver enhanced safety measures for crews caught in burnover situations by implementing Crew Protection Systems in both new and existing bushfire appliances in high risk areas.

Through the procurement of new vehicles and refitting of suitable existing vehicles, the Future Fleet Project will provide a number of enhancements, including:

  • The delivery of crew burnover protection elements such as in-cab air, underbody protection, vehicle deluge systems and a vehicle locating system; and
  • The assessment of the fleet with a view to streamlining the classes and types of appliances that meet operational requirements.

We encourage you to review and share our newsletter with your colleagues and emergency services volunteers. You have the opportunity to discover more about the current progress of the Future Fleet Project in more detail.

If you have any questions or enquiries about the Future Fleet Project, please feel free to contact us directly.  Thank you for your continued support.

Future Fleet Project Team


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