Today marks the official start of Bushfire Action Month with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) urging all Western Australians to start preparing for the onset of bushfires this summer.

Western Australia’s firefighting brigades, Bushfire Ready Groups and Local Governments will host a range of events during October to help people prepare including street meets, property walk throughs and information sessions.

“Bushfires are a real threat and with over 90 percent of the State bushfire prone the community cannot afford to be complacent,” DFES Deputy Commissioner Operations Lloyd Bailey said.

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“Contact your Shire or local volunteer fire brigade to see what’s happening near you. It’s a great way to get to know your community and learn from experts in bushfire response and mitigation.”

Deputy Commissioner Bailey said the community can kick-start their preparations by taking five minutes and having a Fire Chat with their family and friends.

“Fire Chat is a simple tool that will guide friends and families through a discussion to set their bushfire plan and decide if they will leave early or stay and actively defend.

“The single biggest killer is indecision – knowing when you will leave, where you will go and which way you will go if you’re threatened by bushfire could save your life.”

Other key tasks include preparing your property by trimming trees, cutting long grass, clearing gutters and removing any debris from around your home and packing an emergency kit.

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To download Fire Chat and create your bushfire plan today visit

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