The facebook post below from the incredible women and men of the Darlington Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade gives us yet another insight into the enormous amount of work that many of WA’s 26,000 Bush Fire Service Volunteers do “behind the scenes”.

That’s right, long before lights, sirens and TV cameras are around, seemingly ordinary people from all over our great state are training, cleaning and preparing themselves, their brigades and importantly, their local communities, for the worst nature has to throw at us.

And this little insight from the ever-hard-working team at the Darlington VBFB is a great example of how local knowledge and networks delivers direct benefits for our community. This is why the Association of Volunteer Bushfire Brigades (AVBFB) believes local “ownership” and management is key to providing relevant, efficient and effective volunteer emergency services.

Sponsor's message

Well done team for giving more of your time to attend the Darlington Primary School sundowner and sharing your knowledge with your neighbours and thank you on behalf of all our amazing volunteers around the state for giving the public a better understanding of the incredible work being done without a hose every week of the year.

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