The AVBFB is so very proud to represent the invaluable 26,000 women and men of the State’s largest emergency service, not just because of their bravery when the heat is on and cameras are in town, but perhaps more so for their selfless commitment before and after the spotlight gets turned on.

Like so many thousands of others, the crews at Dardanup Central and Wellington Mills were proving our point on Thursday – spending their valuable time training together so their communities are better prepared for and more able to defend the flames should they come at them this summer.

With more than 580 volunteer bush fire brigades spread across our great state, it is incredibly comforting to know that there are amazing people just like these giving themselves and their time to having our backs.

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Thank you Dardanup and Wellington Mills, for your commitment to our shared lifestyle, for building local resilience and for sharing a glimpse of what you all do for us in the post below.

Best wishes for the season. We have your backs.

PS. If your brigade is doing some hazard reduction, training, cleaning, rebuilding or anything else you think the world should know about, email your photos/video with a bit of an explanation of what its all about and what it means to your community to and we will do our best to share it wide and far.

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