The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) knows that the incredible 26,000 women and men of WA’s largest emergency service donate their valuable time and professional skills for many different reasons, but one that almost always appears in surveys is the sense of family and reward they get from being part of the Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

And this post from the crew at Collieburn-Cardiff VBFB gives us lay-folk a bit more of an insight into how giving is also very rewarding for so many of our amazing members of WA’s 560+ Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades.

Take a look at the language the team has used to describe the volunteer’s choice to leave the warmth and comfort of their homes on a cold winter’s night to attend the Brigade’s June training night.

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Great turnout for our June training/social night, everyone now remembers what LACES and PAFTACS stand for, awesome fire pit and hot chips thanks to Drifty, muffins from Cheryl, low carb pizza from Kathy, and BART and E-academy fixes from Tristan – who was also showing off his new CESM’s mobile command centre. Beers from the fridge.

What a wonderful reminder that being a part of the unique and vital service Western Australia is blessed to have is truly Diverse, Rewarding and Invaluable.

Good work Drifty, Cheryl, Kathy, Tristan and the fridge 🙂 – and thank you to the whole team for what you do for the rest of us.

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