With thanks to the City of Kwinana Volunteer Bushfire Brigades that hosted, a really worthy regional exercise was undertaken recently in collaboration with DFES.

The exercise involved Bush Fire Volunteers and Career Fire Fighters from the area and was designed to be a rural-urban interface training activity.

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The wider community was also engaged as the crews completed a property by property door knock to offer and assessment and advice and also gauge the level of preparedness of land owners for the coming fire season.

Our members noted that the majority of residents were aware and had done some preparation for the summer, there were a number of properties that fire units simply could not access because the driveways were either too narrow or partially blocked and unfortunately, there were even more that had not considered a fire plan for their family.

This is some of the important work that paid staff and volunteers do all year round that no one ever gets to see on TV, but really makes a difference. We thank those who participated, especially the volunteers who gave up their personal time, and also recognise the other unsung heroes from the Salvation Army who always have our back with refreshments during large incidents and often during exercises like this one.

For many of us, Christmas shopping has absolutely snuck up quickly, but we urge everyone to make attend to another list first – things to prepare you for the worst.

“Take 5” have a chat with your families and neighbours about your fire plan. What will you do if a fire threatens your life or property this summer? And for those living in regional or on the edge of an urban area, please ensure access and egress to your property is clear and safe for large appliances.

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Remember, our amazing volunteers and their paid colleagues will always do what’s possible to help in an emergency, but they need you to do your bit and take responsibility for helping them to help you on your property.

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