We sometimes see rocks being thrown at the Association for its strong advocacy for the incredible women and men of the Volunteer Bush Fire Service – often with nasty barbs suggesting some sort of campaign to divide WA’s emergency services.

The fact is, nothing could be further from the truth.

Those who take care to read our information and engage with us, know that the AVBFB is passionately supportive of WA’s 26,000 bush fire volunteers and takes its role in promoting and supporting them extremely seriously. Members also know that we simply don’t have enough resources to get around to and properly support all of our amazing members, let alone members of other services.

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And those who do take some care in being across what we do and say will also know we openly support other services when it’s part of an article about our members.

A case in point is the post we are sharing below from the wonderful team at Cape Burney VBFB about their joint training session with the guys and girls from Moonyoonooka VBFB and the Geraldton VFRS. We all know when an emergency happens, every volunteer, regardless of the service they belong to, rolls up their sleeves and gets on with serving our very lucky community. And it’s joint training sessions like this one that better equip everyone involved.

Congratulations to the teams who spent their time on the exercise and thank you to Cape Burney for sharing the post.


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