We know it and the amazing 26,000 women and men of our Volunteer Bush Fire Service and their families know it too, but sadly, the general public and some members of parliament simply aren’t aware that our teams work for their community before, during and often long after the flames and TV cameras are gone.

It’s no-one’s “fault” – it is just that the news only has so much time and there isn’t a lot of demand to see all the slog work that goes in to keeping our community safe.

But thankfully, more and more Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades are using their growing social media presence to give us all a more more full picture of what they do for us, day in, day out. And as the Association that is dedicated to supporting and promoting the work of our incredible volunteers, we are very happy to do our best to extend that reach as far and wide as possible to make sure everyone understands the time, professionalism and sheer value of the work our huge network of volunteers donates to Western Australia.

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A case in point is a Facebook post from our friends at the Bunbury Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade on Wednesday evening:

4 days after the emergency has passed and we are still out at the Picton fire patrolling and mopping up. What would we do without the amazing men and women from the volunteer fire brigades giving up their time away from their families, work and other commitments day in day out. All this from one careless disposal of a cigarette.

Bunbury VBFB Facebook 14-03-2018

Thank you team – and thanks to the many thousands of others across WA who have our backs, before, during and after the flames and cameras are gone!

The full post is here: https://www.facebook.com/bunburybushfire/posts/1211594895610192

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