If you ask the city-folk about the work of our incredible 26,000 volunteers who have the community’s back 24/7, you might get a rather simplistic suggestion that they just jump on a truck and squirt water on fire before going back to a nice fire station where they take a shower and go back home.

But it’s not their fault, because often the only thing the public get to see on the news is our amazing women and men doing just that – responding to emergencies and protecting our community against active threats.

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However, one of the important messages the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) has always spent time and energy championing is all the work our golden angels do before and after the cameras are gone.

A case in point is the team at the Munglinup Volunteer Bushfire Brigade who, like many of our incredible volunteers, spend some time with the local children teaching them about important fire safety messages. And the hand-written thank you note above is pretty much all these ladies and gents need to keep doing what they do so expertly 24/7 all across our great state.

Thank you to all for everything you do for us and especially to the Munglinup guys and girls for sharing this little but big piece of happiness.

Diverse, Rewarding, Invaluable

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