The Gascoyne River Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade October 2018

The Gascoyne River Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade October 2018Our hard-working Zone Rep for the Midwest / Gascoyne area, took a drive to visit the equally hard-working women and men of the most northern Brigade in Zone 2 – the Gascoyne River Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade – recently as part of her effort to consult and support our amazing members across the state.

While it’s not our fault that we are so woefully underfunded, it’s fair to say we are a little embarrassed to report that Alison was very warmly welcomed by the Brigade – not only because of her charm and wit, but because sadly, it was the first time the team could recall having a visit from the Association.

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Alison also reported that like many Brigades in regional areas, there are some issues with finding the volunteers and money to keep things running at the ideal speed, but as always, those who are there punch well above their weight to protect the local community.

While things are tight for the Association and our Brigades, this is a great example of how our volunteer zone representatives do their best within our limited means to fulfil the very important role of listening and sharing among as many of the 570+ Brigades we want to engage – good work Alison – and to the amazing women and men in Brigades just like the Gascoyne River VBFB, we are trying hard to drop in soon but in the meantime, please contact us to chat about how things are going in your neck of the woods.

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