With our lack of resources, we certainly can’t claim to have a team like the newly formed “DFES Digital” – but the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) does have some bloody hard working volunteers who are not only bush fire experts, but also getting better and better at some of the digital tools we need to keep relevant to our ever-changing audience.

And here’s a nice little “explainer” video (that’s what the Millenials call it) using footage from one of our Bush Fire Brigade friends that gives keyboard-bound worker like this author a simple yet effective understanding of one of the many expert techniques WA is so lucky to have embedded within the heads of 26,000 or so amazing Bush Fire Volunteers.

Thanks to all involved and we hope you find it useful – perhaps to share with family and friends who don’t have the skills and knowledge that you may already posses.

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