It’s been another busy week for the AVBFB team with three District Operations Advisory Meetings (DOAC) adding to the existing workload.

After Merredin on Monday and Northam on Tuesday, the AVBFB attended the Upper Great Southern DOAC in Narrogin yesterday along with 30 or so others from the 19 Local Governments and various DFES offices in the area.

As with the other DOAC meetings this week, most Shires reported a relatively quiet bush fire season.

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And similar also to the other two meetings this week were some of the main issues of interest, which included:

  • Some volunteers, especially farmer response units, can not afford the time to undertake more training than is required for the safe operation of incidents
  • The majority of Shires were not involved in any discussion about the structure of a future RFS, but also didn’t have a particular view of how it should be structured
  • Communications and in particular, providing good location information to comcen and others is an area of concern for some
  • The way ESL and LGGS funding is determined needs to be more flexible and transparent.

The AVBFB was very appreciative of the opportunity to provide updates of some of the work it has been doing including:

  • The strong relationship we have built with Minister Logan and Commissioner Klemm
  • The positive work being done to make training modules more flexible, shorter and able to be delivered by more people in more locations
  • The reassurances we have recently had regarding our advocacy for changes to the way eligibility for ESL/LGGS expenditure is determined.

It was a long day for all, but productive in the main and we once again thank the DOAC for including the AVBFB rep and 4 or 5 DFES staff who attended in the discussions that we are certain will help make things better in the future.

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