A Brigade to do a lot worse than have the State’s Attorney General helping you attract new volunteers!

The sad fact is due to many reasons, voluntarism is generally in decline in Australia and for some of our invaluable Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades, numbers have fallen to a concerning level.

We keep hearing from Parliament that WA has a huge debt to repair and therefore can’t afford to fill any gaps with paid staff. It is therefore critically important that we all work together to identify the issues behind the decline and try to find new ways to attract and retain those who protect us in ways that no one else can or will.

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Please do your best to share this post with your friends and families and whenever you get the chance, have a chat to your local Member of Parliament and encourage them to get in touch with the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) about how they can help us help our Brigades attract and retain the invaluable volunteers we all need.

Congratulations Two Rocks VBFB for working as hard as you do and being innovative in your approach to recruitment. And to the Attorney General, Hon John Quigley MLA, thank you for supporting your local Volunteer Bush Fire Brigade.

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