Below is a call for help from our friends at Asthma WA – please share with those who might be able to lend a hand in making things better for those with respiratory conditions.

Thanks to a funding contribution from the Commonwealth Government and support from the WA State Emergency Management Committee we are developing a pilot Asthma Alert service to help people living with asthma and other respiratory conditions when smoke may be affecting their area.

We know that the impact of smoke from both planned and unplanned burns are an issue for people living with asthma and other respiratory conditions and together, we are working to find a way to reduce the impact smoke has on your lives.

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The purpose of the Asthma Alert service will be to alert people living with asthma and other respiratory conditions to smoke events that are expected or occurring.

The Asthma Alert is being developed in collaboration with the Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Bureau of Meteorology, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and the Department of Health.

We hope, once established, this alert will empower people to take control of their asthma during a smoke event to reduce their risk of attack.

We hope to launch the pilot in early 2020.

How you can help

Before we launch the Asthma Alert, we would like to hear from anyone living with a respiratory condition about how they are impacted by smoke events and how an alert could help. Your insights on how we can develop an Asthma Alert that would improve your (or someone you care for) quality of life will help us be better informed as we move forward.

Sponsor's message

If you would like to be involved, we invite you to participate in our survey.


This survey is conducted by Research Solutions and will take about 6-8 minutes to complete. Your answers will be private and when the results are presented, no individual will be identified. The survey will close at 5pm on Friday, 27 September 2019.

To keep up to date with the progress of the Asthma Alert please subscribe to our eDM or like our Facebook page.

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