The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades has produced its own election summary board reflecting the position of the six major parties with regard to a few key issues identified by the Association.

The summary board reflects party policies and follow up discussions between the parties and the Association.

The broad political support for the outcomes sought by the Association reflects well on our considerable effort, over many months, to promote the Ferguson reforms and some other issues to all political parties.

Sponsor's message

We thank all those parties for their support and commitment to reforming bush fire management to better protect our communities from bush fires.

Our election summary board shows only one party has failed to make a tangible election commitment on these matters, that being the Labor Party.

Whilst they have previously stated their “in principle” support for the Ferguson reforms, the Labor Party has declined the chance to make clear cut commitments for the election, instead deferring their position to after the election. Therefore, we can only assess their position on these issues on the basis of their failure to commit to them.

The Association is disappointed that one of two major parties likely to form government seems to have stalled in its support for the Ferguson Inquiry’s reform recommendations.

The Association is hopeful that the Labor Party position does not mean that a change of government will take the bush fire management reform agenda back to the start. The discussions and debates have gone on for some six years, starting with the Keelty report and finishing with the Ferguson Inquiry.

Sponsor's message

There has been more than enough discussion and debate in recent years and we strongly believe the time has come for the reform agenda to be implemented, not restarting the debate.


Key issues Liberal Party Labor Party National Party Shooters Fishers Farmers Party WA Greens One Nation
General support for Ferguson Inquiry recommendations. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Specifically support establishing an independent Rural Fire Service. Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Higher funding for mitigation work on ongoing basis. Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
More transparent and accountable ESL management by removing it from singular control by DFES. Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
ESL funding rules equitable to all those eligible under the emergency services acts. Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fit for purpose vehicles and equipment in consultation with Volunteer Associations. Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Continued and equitable financial support for volunteer associations. Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes





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