With the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades attending the Mid West Gascoyne DOAC in Geraldton, it was an opportunity to invite volunteers to come along and have a meeting with the Association’s representatives after the DOAC meeting on Wednesday, 8th March.

The Association was well represented with President Dave Gossage, zone representatives Alison Lloyd and Steven Lloyd, and CEO Tony Papafilis.

The timing of the meeting was difficult to accommodate for many volunteers and we thank those who were able to attend. Along with the DOAC representatives who stayed on for a while to speak with us after the DOAC, it proved to be a good afternoon for speaking with a considerable number of volunteers.

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The President gave an extensive summary of the various activities and issues the Association is dealing with on behalf of volunteers.

Amongst these were:

·         Consideration of community warning sirens being resurrected for communities that want them;

·         Registration of farmer response units;

·         Mobilisation of brigades and the current practice by DFES;

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·         Emergency Services Levy review;

·         Problems with appliances not being fit for purpose;

·         Training issues including the different recognition given to training done by career and volunteer fire fighters.


The meeting was a valuable exercise and we look forward to meeting more volunteers when the Association holds its next quarterly meeting in Esperance.




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