Bushfire Volunteers has been invited to present at the International Association for Volunteer Effort (IAVE) Asia-Pacific Regional Volunteer Conference in Thailand in November.

The 5 day conference will bring together participants from government, academia, the not-for-profit sector, education and community services from across the Asia-Pacific region to discuss five sub-themes of the overall theme “Unlocking the Power of Volunteering”.

The five sub-themes are:

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  1. Make the invisible visible
  2. Simple but not simpler
  3. Stronger together
  4. Flipping SDGs conversation
  5. Unlocking the lock

The association is proud to have been invited to present its experiences and learnings under the sub-theme of “Stronger together”.

It is exciting and deeply humbling that the tireless work of our very lean association has been recognised in this way and is a credit to the countless hours of work Western Australia’s 26,000 incredible Bushfire Volunteers donate to inspire such a committed and impactful representative association. To be clear, we don’t see this invitation as being about any individual within the AVBFB, rather a direct reflection of the results our members have delivered in driving the change in culture and mindset government decision-makers are now embracing.

So congratulations to the thousands of volunteers who have backed the association over the years and thank you to those who continue to value the enormous effort being made to deliver better and more member services.

Just a quick note: We have not accepted the invitation at this time. We would only attend if all costs were to be covered by new donors/sponsors. To be clear, none of the limited grant funding we currently receive from the ESL via DFES will be used for this purpose.

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