While some of us had picnics with family, pottered around in the garden or slept in and watched TV, many of the invaluable 26,000 women and men of the State’s largest Emergency Service – the Volunteer Bush Fire Service – were working their collective butts off protecting other people’s lives and properties.

This isn’t a “sob story” because, quite frankly, those amazing volunteers don’t want or need us to portray it like that. They do what they do for their own reasons – often for no other than the fact that they believe in the value of community and take personal responsibility for building it.

Nevertheless, one of the objects of the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) is to support and promote those who put themselves out there to protect our enormous State and we don’t apologise at all for pointing out that crews all over WA donate countless hours of their time to making sure the rest of us can enjoy our Sunday without fear.

Sponsor's message

So to the ladies and gents of our diverse and invaluable Volunteer Bush Fire Service, we have your back – thank you for having ours!

Here’s a Facebook post from yesterday from one of our metropolitan brigades, the Wanneroo Central VBFB, to just help remind those whose work is constrained to 9-5 in air conditioned offices of the sacrifices of so many others, every day, every night.

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