It’s payday for those lucky Brigades that have a Bunnings Store nearby and were able to sign up for their Emergency Services Volunteer BBQ held on Saturday 20 January.

Bunnings offers this generous support to Volunteer Brigades and SES Units on the condition that the Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) and SES Volunteers Association (SESVA) acts as the clearinghouse for each service, understandably so they only have to pay one account per service rather than chase up several hundred across the country. Importantly, the AVBFB does not receive any payment for that service and is one of the many things we do behind the scenes to ensure Brigades have every opportunity possible to be recognised and properly resourced.

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So with all that accountability and transparency out of the way, today is the day our incredibly hard working volunteer treasurer sends the well-deserved cash to the brigades who were able to benefit from Bunnings’ generous support.

While it is a shame that the location of many of our least well-funded Brigades excludes them from participating, the Association is very happy to share that the average amount distributed to those that were able to take part was more than $2,500 each, including the proceeds from the Bunnings BBQ and the “tin shaking” Brigade members did on the day.

On behalf of all those Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (and SES Units for that matter), the Association would like to thank Bunnings for its ongoing support of all of Australia’s Emergency Service Volunteers, and of course, especially our favourites – those of the Volunteer Bush Fire Service.

PS. We chose not to name the recipient Brigades here for various reasons, but if any of them would like to send us photos of what you spent the money on with a short article about the changes it has made, we would happily publish it and thank Bunnings again.

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