The Association of Volunteer Bush Fire Brigades (AVBFB) is proud to announce its latest move to increase access and improve communication with members.

As of Monday, the main contact number for the AVBFB will be the freecall and easy to remember “phoneword” 1800 BF VOLS (1800 23 8657).

The new phone number is just one part of a suite of important steps the Association is taking to manage strong increases in demand for information and support from volunteers in recent times.

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As well as providing an easy to remember freecall number for our members, the ability to change the physical location of the answering point without having to change the number means we can confidently invest in promoting it even when our sub-lease inside the WAFarmers building expires.

The new 1800 BF VOLS number compliments a number of other significant activities being undertaken by the AVBFB to better inform, support and represent our incredible 26,000 members, including hiring its first ever full-time employee and working with the state government to try to increase our grant funding to enable the delivery of more services to bush fire volunteers.

We have massive plans to deliver many valuable and rewarding new services for WA’s incredible Bush Fire Volunteers, that unfortunately require resources we don’t yet have. There are many very compelling reasons for a substantial increase in our baseline funding from the ESL and we will continue to work with the state government in the hope of someday achieving that.

However, the new 1800 number and many other reforms the AVBFB is currently undertaking to deliver better outcomes for volunteers will also increase our ability to attract and service corporate sponsors, so it is possible that one day, we may be able to operate completely independently of government funding and the KPI’s attached.

So if you are aware of a company that might like to partner with the AVBFB as we continue to develop our plans for a better, stronger future, please ask them to call 1800 BF VOLS today!

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