Here’s yet another wonderful example of the immense commitment and comradery found among Western Australia’s amazing 26,000 Bush Fire Service Volunteers.

As you can see in the post, 17 new Bush Fire Brigade Volunteers spent their weekend completing the Introduction to Firefighting course in Donnybrook.

Let’s face it, in an era when volunteering in general is on the decline, 17 new recruits is bloody awesome!

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However, it isn’t just the new members who gave up their weekend. Even though the authors of the Facebook post are too humble to acknowledge their time and expertise – we aren’t!

A huge thank you to the amazing women and men who so freely give their time to not only prepare and protect our community from fire at their own cost, but also spend hundreds of hours each year working on things that the media simply never sees – like training, cleaning and maintaining as many senior volunteers in the south-west evidently did this weekend to ensure we have enough volunteers to continue to effectively and efficiently protect Western Australia..

Thank you Donnybrook Emergency and Information Page for sharing this post and giving us all a little better understanding of the extent of sacrifice our incredible volunteers routinely make for us.

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